why, hello there

I’m Shelby. It’s so nice to meet you.

A Maryland native, I’ve always been intrinsically creative with an entrepreneurial spirit. Most of my childhood was spent studying the arts. While other kids were outside playing, I was in flipping the glossy pages of my cherished September Vogue and reading Forbes with a flashlight. I became so good at crafting visually pleasing content, I decided to make a career out it. At 18, I was jumping on the bus to New York City to take strategic marketing and creative design classes at FIT and Parsons - sometimes sleeping in Grand Central Station overnight because I couldn’t afford to stay in hotels.

At University of Maryland, I was told it would take me a year longer than planned to finish business school. I switched my studies to Communications with a minor in Art History and started teaching myself the ins and outs of digital marketing. My roommates hosted weekend parties while I was downstairs taking Skype calls. My specialty focused around social media and content creation, although I expanded my expertise in various aspects of marketing and communications to include market research, data analysis, public relations, as well as event coordination and planning.

Post-graduation, I accepted a position working on a high-profile nationwide campaign in D.C. and… I hated it. I missed the freedom of choosing my clientele and the creativity that comes with working independently on a variety of projects. After a quarter-life crisis of sorts, I quit my job in Washington. I packed up my car and started off on a cross country trip to Los Angeles. Along the way, I decided to make some stops. During my travels, I stopped in Austin, TX and… I decided to stay.

I am still enamored by exceptional art direction in an editorial shoot; still intrigued when a tech start-up becomes a household name. Creating brand identity through strategic planning and intricate, purposeful design is what I do. Based in Austin, I work with businesses in a variety of industries across the nation. Alright, enough about me. Let’s elevate your brand.